Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's up with the Recovery Comedy Logo?

A: It's light shining over the edge of a microphone, like a planet. It is supposed to symbolize a new day or one day at a time. Of course, we like to call it, "one laugh at a time."

Q: What kind of comedy is recovery comedy?

A: Recovery comedy is somewhere between a share and stand up comedy. You could call it "Shareomedy". It won't be as heavy as a share, but it definitely won't be as light as a comedy club comedy show. Recovery comedy is tailored to those in recovery and those who support it. If you are affiliated with the recovery world in some way, you'll get this style of humor and you will appreciate it.

Q: Does clean comedy mean family friendly comedy?

A: Well, yes and no. Clean comedy in the Recovery Comedy sense means a comedian who is clean from addiction and is performing comedy related to being clean. We provide clean comedians for many recovery conventions and 12 step events we book. In general because of its subject matter our version of clean comedy will tend to be edgier and not that family friendly (although that really depends on your family) but with that said we do have comedians who can perform shows that you would be proud to take your sweet grandma to!

Q: What sort of Recovery Comedy Events do you do?

A: If it is about recovery we are there! We put on comedy shows for Rehab Centers (Inpatient/Outpatient), Halfway Houses, Prisons, Recovery Fundraisers, Recovery Friendraisers, Recovery Round Ups, Alano Clubs, Alcoholics Anonymous Conventions and Narcotics Anonymous Conventions, Al-Anon, Co-dependents Anonymous, Over Eaters Anonymous and any other 12 Step and Recovery Oriented Group.

Q:We already have a funny guy from our group who is willing to perform for our convention for really cheap or free. Why should we spend money to hire a comedian from Recovery Comedy?

A: Our comedians are professionals who are used to entertaining large numbers of people. Sometimes when a group decides to use their local favorite funny person from the rooms to entertain at a big convention, things don't always go as planned. A person can be really funny in a small group setting, but when they get in front of a big crowd that doesn't already know them, the show sometimes falls apart. Having a bad comedy show can affect attendance for future ticket sales not to mention put a damper on how much money can be raised for a good cause. We're not saying your local person isn't really funny, but if you aren't sure that they have performed for a large group of strangers and made them laugh before, do you want to risk it when there is a lot of money and planning on the line?

Q: Do you do "free comedy shows"?

A: We do a number of Free Events, and if we are doing another event in your area and it works out for our schedule we'll try. We do free shows at many jails and halfway houses, but we are also a business and need to pay bills. Please don't ask our comedians to do a "share" and expect that they do a comedy show.

Q: Do you do non recovery comedy shows as well?

A: Yes, at Recovery Comedy we focus on recovery related events, but if you would like to just have a comedian for another type of event check out our other website SFCC Entertainment. SFCC Entertainment will find you a great comedian for any type of comedy show you are having as well as Corporate Improv Team Building Workshops and Corporate Storytelling Workshops.

Q: Do you charge comedians to be featured on your site?

A: No, at Recovery Comedy we're seeking to connect comedians in recovery to 12 step comedy events. Comedians featured on our site are never charged, the comedians are paid when they do a 12 step comedy event booked with Recovery Comedy.

Q: How Can Recovery Comedy help me get more attendees for my event?

A: Recovery Comedy will help promote your event for FREE. We'll be glad to put your flyer and ticket purchase info on our notables page. We also have an extensive online presence and we will promote your event on other websites through social media like Facebook and Twitter. We will also provide you with headshots and bios for your comedians that you can use to make flyers and other promotional materials. We want your event to be as successful as you do.

Q: I'm a comedian in recovery. How do I join Recovery Comedy?

A: If you are in recovery and are a comedian and you would like to join Recovery Comedy, just look for the "Want to Be One of Our Comedians?" button near the lower right of the "Book a Comedian for your Next Event" page. You will need to fulfill the requirements and if you do, we'll make you part of the team. You can also click here.

Q: I have a great recovery related link that I would like to have added to your Links Page. How do I get my link there?

A: You would not believe the number of requests that we get from organizations to have their links included on our links page. We understand how search engine optimization works and we know that the majority of companies that reach out to have their links included are merely using agencies to try to get their links placed so they can rank higher on search engine results pages. We aren't interested in talking to companies who simply want their link added to boost their search engine rankings and we will not answer inquiries about this.

Q: I have some amazing content that I'd like to create for you. Can I do that for you?

A: Thank you for your offer, but at this time we are not interested in content creation services

Q: How can i contact you if my question wasn't asnwered here?

A: You can send us an email to


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