Recovery Comedy is proud to present Chris Ricciardi

In 2001 Chris Ricciardi started his stand-up career in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Early appearances at Amateur Night at the Heidelberg and Good Night Gracies had Chris needing an escort out of the building for his raw perception of life. After some minor felony charges and a small DUI misunderstanding he needed to make a major life change. In 2003 Chris found his home in Alcoholics Anonymous and began performing as a recovery comedian.  

In 2008 he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he got married, bought a house, and continued his comedy career.  After performing at local Roundups, open mics, and special events Chris found himself getting invites to perform at some of the better known Arizona Clubs.  Chris has opened for comedians such as Tony Vicich and Jeffrey Bennett and his comedic style and ability to make fun of himself as well as the audience has left Chris a favorite among comedy club audiences.¬† To this day he travels around the US as well as Mexico making people laugh everywhere he goes.

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Recovery Comedian Chris Ricciardi
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