Recovery Comedy is proud to present David Kleinberg

David Kleinberg is a native of San Francisco who was an editor and writer  at the San Francisco Chronicle for 34 years, and was editor of the Sunday Datebook the last 14 years. He is a comedian who has appeared with Robin Williams, Dana Carvey; Richard Lewis and Sinbad. Kleinberg will be performing his solo theater work -- "The Voice: One Man's Journey Into Sex Addiction and Recovery." Riveting, at times hilarious, always entertaining, "The Voice" is ultimately a powerful spiritual journey dealing with one of today's major social issues. The work traces David's path to recovery, as both he and his wife deal with the fall out of his addiction. It also includes David's story of mentoring a gay sex addict -- a love story between a straight and a gay man that has nothing to do with sex, as David struggles with his life-long homophobia.


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