Recovery Comedy is proud to present David Zasloff

David has performed at NA, AA, CA, DA, OA CEA-HOW and GA  comedy conventions, benefits, prisons, nightclubs, universities, theaters, retirement homes, corporate events, private parties, temples, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, affairs of state, spiritual living centers, a few churches and one briss.

He has recorded a comedy CD entitled “Honey Take Me Home” and has written a book called “The Complete Book Of Everything, Part I” which is a compilation of his comic monologues.

Other people have said some pretty nice things about him. For instance:

“David Zasloff is one of the great performers of our time. (Richmond Shepard - Performing Arts Insider) 

"His view of humanity is unique, very funny and sexy. His intelligence and wit sneaks up on you and suddenly you’re howling.” (Patricia Foulkrod – film producer and political organizer) 

"His humor was not only razor sharp, but displayed enlightened understanding of the human condition.” (Hollywood Gazette) 

“I am a Zasloff fan. He pushes the boundaries and he’s smart and he’s very funny. The CD is terrific." (Jay Levin – original publisher of the L.A. Weekly) 

"He approaches our cultural and sexual taboos with humor, respect, tenderness, and the deep understanding of a man of heart.” (Margot Anand, author “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy”) 

"You are such a brilliant, talented man and your humor truly resonated with our group. We hope you will enjoy the fame and fortune you deserve." (Adrian S. Windsor, Program Director Inside Edge) 

"He is a bolt of greased lightening: entertainer and showman par excellence.” (L.A. Weekly) 

"He is as funny and off the wall as you’d expect of a fellow who’s honed his skill as a stand up comic.” (Dramalogue)

“Treat yourselves to a laughter and music blast with the outrageously funny David Zasloff. He is convulsively hilarious. Highest recommendation. Don't miss!" (Greg Tamblyn – author, comedian, musician)

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