Recovery Comedy is proud to present Dick Kendall

After two careers as a chamber of commerce executive and banker, Dick started his professional comedy career in the early ‘80s. At Houston’s Comedy Workshop he worked with the likes of Bill Hicks, Kevin Nealon and T. Shaun Shannon of SNL fame.

Dick dropped out of the professional scene in the early ‘90s but continued to do charity shows and talent nights on cruise ships. One of the talent night shows got him a paid gig on Norwegian Cruise Lines in 2002 and he has been back performing on cruise ships and comedy clubs ever since.

His favorite gig now is working with and opening for Billy Gardell who stars as Mike in the hit comedy, Mike & Molly.

Dick just recently finished shooting, The Last Word, a horror film where he plays a catholic priest being consumed by the “curse.” It is due out in 2017.

Dick is also a published author. His book, “Nobody Told Me I’d Have To Sell,” published in ’96, gave him national recognition as a speaker and trainer.

As a 39 year friend of Bill W., Dick has garnered many good lines in meetings around the country. He will occasionally pepper his comedy with a few of these if the audience is right.

Dick’s stint as a professional comic during the ‘80s improved his training and speaking immensely but his first love was always stand-up. With that background, Dick’s easy style on stage gives the audience the feel of having had a wonderful evening of laughter with an old friend.

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Recovering Comedian Dick Kendall
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