Recovery Comedy is proud to present Jimmy Pineapple

James Pineapple, Esquire is one of the original Texas Outlaw Comics. He rode with the true legends of renegade comedy, Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison, Carl LaBove and Ron Shock. Together, this band of outlaw comics ambushed comedy clubs and arenas throughout the country.

Pineapple has appeared on numerous television comedy specials including, Showtime’s acclaimed stand-up series FULL FRONTAL COMEDY.

He honed his sketch comedy chops with Fred Willard’s MOHOs Comedy Sketch Group. He has also written and directed his own sketch comedy shows at Second City Theatre, Los Angeles and the Improv Olympic, Los Angeles.

James Pineapple, Esquire is prominently featured in the motion picture AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story.





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