Recovery Comedy is proud to present Karin Babbitt

In 1976, Karin Babbitt was a 21-year-old emerging from juvenile delinquency and chronic substance abuse. After a series of miracles she found herself clean and finally free to pursue her dream - to be a stand-up comic.

Karin became a fixture at the Comedy Store in Hollywood throughout the 80's, working the Main Room with Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Roseanne. Karin went on to play Vegas and do spots for MTV, VH-1, A&E and many network talk shows. She also had the opportunity to write for a number of television sitcoms and pilots and was a guest on numerous radio shows. 

By 1992, Karin had two children and a struggling marriage so she decided to mentor young artists as a high school teacher. Stand-up comedy continues to be the guiding force in her life - here she is free to reveal the raw truth about being a woman in recovery trying to function in a clean world.

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