Recovery Comedy is proud to present Stanley Ullman

Stanley has been in the business a long time and it shows on his face and in his attitude.  Stanley is the curmudgeonly, pushy, sometimes annoying New Yorker you just can’t bring yourself to dislike.  Probably because he is so damn funny.

His career started in stand-up comedy in New York City in the early 80’s. In his years in the comedy business he has appeared with such comedy greats as Jackie Mason, Rodney Dangerfield , and Drew Carrey.  He’s also headlined numerous clubs himself from coast to coast; from Atlanta’s famous Punchline Comedy Club to the  Riviera Comedy Club  at the Riv in Las Vegas.

Stanley has appeared many times on television as an actor or comic. He’s worked on such classic shows as “Night Court” and “The Golden Girls” and on more modern edgier shows like “Mr. Show with Bob and David” and  “The Sarah Silverman Program.”

But enough about funny he is.  Stanley Ullman is dead sexy. Why else have Pitt and Clooney never worked with him? Why do Damon and Affleck not return his calls? Do you really think Madonna moved back to the states for that steroid abuser? No.  She came for Ullman. And you should too.  Funny. Sexy. Sorta Pushy. His name is Ullman.

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