Recovery Comedy is proud to present Steven Kravitz

In 1980 received a undergraduate degree from The University of Massachusetts in performing Arts. We had a 3 person comedy team, we did a 1 hour monthly show on National Public Radio and performed live shows throughout the Amherst area. Heavily influenced by The Goon Show, Monty Python, Fireside Theater and the National Lampoon Radio Show. Still he felt under trained doing research, everyone had studied with one of these two "Masters" or studied with someone who had studied with one. Making a decision that instead of getting this information second or third hand, with the University of Massachusetts blessing. Next step moving to Paris, where spending the next two years. Studied with both of these "Masters" at the same time. Had it been found out, would have been asked to leave both schools. There is only one other performer in all of the United States who has the same skill set. After receiving a MFA from the University of Massachusetts.

Moved to San Francisco. Did my first stand up set in March of 1981. Have been earning a living doing stand up since June of 1981. A finalist in the San Francisco Comedy Competition in ’85, the only competition in the country at that time. Sinbad won, Ellen was second and then me. One of the original outlaws of comedy with Sam Kinison. I’ve worked with Drew Carey, Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Rob Schnieder, Bobcat and Bill Hicks to name a few. Proformed numerous stand up spots on a variety of shows. Did a Showtime Special. Resume includes 17 films, recurring roles on TV including The Drew Carey Show and Nash Bridges, and a cast member on the SyFy series Black Scorpion.

In Los Angeles, I work out of the Comedy Store and The Improv

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