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Tom Clark has been called the “Mel Tillis of Stand-up Comedy." Like Mel, his slight stutter disappears when his comedic voices hit the stage. Tom has been in the spotlight for three decades. He's been a singer, dancer, actor, speaker and writer, but it is his love of performing stand-up comedy that keeps his heart light burning.

His stand up seeds were sown in the fields of sketch comedy in the early 80’s. The hats of writer, director and performer were shared by all members in “The Boffo Players” as TTTom and his fellow players toured clubs and colleges throughout New England.

After earning much needed experience, confidence, and a little money, TTTom went off on his own to the world of standup comedy in Boston. Those stages were, as they are now, a top-notch training ground. The demands for originality in humor, presence and voice allowed TTTom to hone those comedic skills that have taken him so far.

TTTom cut his road teeth on a grueling 28-day, 28-show tour as the opener for Bill Haley’s Comets. This summer southern tour opened the door for more concert shows. He has appeared on stage with such varied sounds as the country music of Tommy Cash, the Motown of The Temptations, the folk music of Livingston Taylor and the rock of Robert Palmer.

TTTom’s stand out stand-up career has allowed him to travel coast to coast and beyond. He has headlined in the sunshine of Florida, the plains of North Dakota, the tundra of Canada and the cruise ships of Europe.

TTTom has delighted television audiences nationwide on A&E’s “An Evening at the Improv." He has since launched a career as TV commercial spokesperson and actor.

TTTom’s experience, showmanship, and humor make him a comedic voice to be heard. He's a sure bet to bring entertainment value to your next event.

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Recovery Comedian TTTom Clark
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