Recovery Comedy is proud to present Tom McTigue

Arriving in Los Angeles from Seattle, Tom McTigue quickly became immersed in the national comedy scene, performing on HBO and Showtime as well as many appearances on Evening at the Improv. He continues to tour nationally and write for other top performers including, Brad Garrett, Bill Maher and Gary Shandling.
   An accomplished actor as well, Tom has worked with Academy Award ® Winners, Janusz Kaminski (Amistad, Shindlers List, and Saving Private Ryan) and Robert Richardson (The Aviator, Platoon). He has also co-starred with a virtual who’s-who of Hollywood. Christopher Meloni, Cybil Shephard, Noah Wylie, Tim Curry, Craig T. Nelson, Roseanne Barr and Wayne Newton have all shared the spotlight with Tom. 
In 1998, he created and starred in “Guys Like Us” for ABC, co-starring with Robert Hays from Airplane!
   Tom is also busy working in commercials. His face is instantly recognizable, having been featured in over 200 national TV campaigns, as the spokesman for everything from Miller Beer to Disney World. Constantly in demand, Tom has been on air non-stop, for a whopping 18 consecutive years! Turn on the tube and chances are he’ll be there. He also does voice-over work for radio and cartoons.

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