Recovery Comedy is proud to present Will Spottedbear

A second-generation member, Will has been clean since before he hit puberty; he was so advanced he hit bottom before most people started using. Literally growing up in recovery, Will has an unusual perspective on life. Rarely has any member been so clean and so dirty at the same time. In the Air Force, Will travelled the world, and developed a lethal sense of humor. After leaving the military, Will started pursuing stand-up comedy and quickly became a popular and sought-after Comic in the Midwest.

Will has had a very diverse life, travelling from the Middle East to the Midwest. Will covers a turbulent childhood, life in the military and life afterward, as well as learning about his father’s family and Native American heritage. His no-holds-barred look at his world is wildly entertaining, and his personable attitude makes him well-received by any audience.

Will has a personable demeanor that off sets his rather rugged look (Rugged for the Midwest at least). His unforgiving material may sometimes be offensive, but is always hilarious. Will’s casual style and sharp material have proven to be greatly appreciated by his audiences, young and old; he can work any type of show.

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Recovering Comedian Will Spottedbear
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